Casita Canopy

Aluminum Rail


The Aluminum Rail is used for holding backwall and sidewalls to your Casita Canopy.

Product Description

When adding a custom back wall and/or half-side wall(s), this Rail is a must-have for the 10ft Regular Casita Canopy. To Position, first clamp snap rings around the legs of the frame. Slide Rail through the pole pocket expertly sewn on the top of the back wall and/or half-side walls. Bring Rail with fabric up to clamp snap rings, and tighten ends with knobbed screws. This add-on has a toolless assembly. 1 Rail includes:

  • 1 Aluminum Rail (left side, right side & rail connector)
  • 2 snap rings

Apply to: 1 Rail for 1 Backwall (bottom) 2 Rails for 1 Sidewall (top & bottom)